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Serve others and recharge.

December 18, 2022

There are times when you feel you should be doing more, that somehow it is wrong not to want to do more. However, life proceeds in cycles. Even a battery must be recharged if it is to be useful. Life cannot constantly push forward, cannot constantly be aimed outward, without the need for some kind of replenishment from within.

You live ultimately to serve others because God serves you, but that service cannot be continuous in its dealings with those around you. There are times when you must be more open to letting God empower you, to recharge you, to give you new perspective. That perspective change is important, for at such times you gradually achieve additional insight as to how to go about serving another. Service is not unchangeable, but no change is possible until the recognition of need is felt. To recognize that need sometimes requires a pulling in. That is as it should be, and if you feel the need for a diminished outreach, that is God’s way of preparing you for a new service at a later time.

Serve others and recharge.

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