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Sharing and seeking light.

September 28, 1979

All of you on earth are interdependent. No one is totally alone. No one who asks God for healing grace is totally in darkness. The two responsibilities, sharing your light and seeking light, are essential to following a life directed according to God’s wishes. In fulfilling both responsibilities, your soul advances in its development because both actions require you to reach out to another. They are both selfless giving.

It is impossible to overemphasize the importance of prayer in your exercise of these two responsibilities, for prayer is the most important method of offering help to another. It is difficult for you in the earthly phase of your existence to recognize the follow through property of prayer. It is easier to offer your help to another directly, for you are present to observe both your giving and the other’s response. Offering help through prayer is a giant leap through faith. You have no fail-safe visual guarantee of that help reaching its destination, and you are generally unaware of the other’s response. You can accept this principle only on faith. Your soul grows in strength in proportion to your capacity to be accepting through faith. It is the most difficult test that you must exercise in your life, for there is seldom that confirmation, that sense of achievement of knowing, which is so much a part of the human condition.

As you exercise those responsibilities towards others from the position of your own condition, remember that no matter how high or low you feel, you are never left without the capacity to pray for others. It is a power which is available to all because it is a function of the soul. Rather than be centered on your own conditions, shift your attention and concerns to another through prayer. When you are down, you will receive strength, and when your spirits are high, you will be reminded of the kinship of humankind.

In each outpouring of prayer you are directing your soul’s energies to God to be reflected to those for whom you pray. You stand as part of a spiritual triangle: God, yourself, and others. When the communication between these three points is open and strong, there is a peace which indeed “passeth all understanding.” You are a member of this triangle. No one is completely severed, and the strength of its unity is dependent upon the awareness of each for the other.

Sharing and seeking light.
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