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Society lags behind individuals.

August 12, 2018

A society can take on a kind of character if there are traditions that are opposed to conflict and an expression of disagreement. But even within those societies, disagreements and tensions do exist, and they have since the beginning of human life. There is a kind of collective direction, however, that does speak to an increased sensitivity to the value of others.

Societies evolve at a different pace than individuals. Every society and every group of people experience those different paths in their own ways, but those differences are still there. It is not the natural direction of humankind ultimately to be nothing but an expression of unconditional love, but there is that direction that is part of the evolution of each soul, each spirit. Society lags behind the individual in the realization of those goals that reflect the love that is God, because each group of people within has a different way of evolving spiritually. You cannot expect all human life to become the same in the ways that they progress toward a spiritual awareness and a full understanding of what God is, by whatever name is used.

The needs for you as a human being circulate around your own development and the enhancement of those with whom you interact either directly or through prayer. No single individual will permanently change an entire culture, but all individuals have the potential to influence that change in their own unique ways.

Society lags behind individuals.
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