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Soul accompanies human journey.

May 19, 2008

God bathes your soul’s light and loving presence. You do reflect that light; you do reflect that presence. All human beings are illuminated through God’s light as it is reflected by others. In a way, you are aware of that light, but in a very real sense, it is because of human intention that God’s light is spread about. It is because of human intention that God’s love is given life. The light is always there, and you will always be in a position to reflect, to absorb, to be warmed, to be comforted, to be affirmed, to be strengthened.

There is a kind of difference, in your terms, between soul and spirit. Everyone has a soul. It is your soul that accompanies you on your human journey. God’s presence is as Spirit Center, but in addition to the Spirit Center, there is the light that is reflected. And the light that you reflect, the light that others around you reflect and that illuminates your own lives, is the light of spirit. Your soul has light, and when the light from your own soul emanates outward, it becomes part of spirit.

Words are always confusing, for words can always be misunderstood. For so many religions, the terms spirit and soul are used interchangeably. That is of course okay, for the benefit is actually in the recognition of God’s presence and your response as a result of that recognition. If you feel more comfortable thinking of that reflection as a manifestation of your own spirit, that of course is fine. But the reflection is a combination of what you receive and place around you and before you, and the light that comes from your own individual soul. That light, that individuality of radiation, is unique to all that exists.

Soul accompanies human journey.
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