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Soul does indeed soar.

March 1, 2020

Your soul does indeed soar. It rises up, reaches out, is loving, compassionate, and joyous, and represents all that is positive and good. That is a part of you constantly. Pull away the barriers to the light. Pull away the tendency to be driven by doubt and fear—fear of the unknown, fear of failure—for the spiritual center within you never fails, never becomes dark. It is always positive and strength-giving. You can count on it. You can recognize it when you hear God speaking.

God’s answers through your soul are never answers of failure or loss. They are always answers of affirmation and love. Feel yourself awash in that positive affirmation, and know that such affirmation is the center, the beacon that can characterize your life now and always.

You are blessed in that affirmation of love. You are blessed in the affirmation of light. You are blessed to be forever in the light of God.

Soul does indeed soar.
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