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Soul has always existed.

April 9, 2023

Your soul, your spirit energy, has existed always. There was no beginning, for the energy that is your spirit belongs to the energy that has been in the eternal God. This also means you have no end point where you cease to exist. There will be countless times when your spirit energy finds opportunities to be transformed, when your spirit entity gains in its capacity to become only love. It is at that point in its growth when it is entirely love that it is entirely incorporated into the totality of love that is God, and it is from that totality of all that become love that new transformations of spirit evolve and expand and become, and the cycle is repeated.

Human life, as you recognize the characteristics of such life, is only a small portion of what God has transformed. There will come a point when no human life in the form you recognize exists, but out of human life evolves more life. The spirit presence that is in human life becomes transformed into a spirit presence in a different manifestation. It is not so difficult to imagine that human life, the existence of such beings, has an end just as it has a beginning. There is no life-form in material terms that is absolutely permanent. All that exists is in a state of growth. All that is in existence evolves, changes. You may burn wood, and the wood is no longer seen as wood, but what is released in the burning of the wood is part of what had made up that wood, and it becomes something else but it still exists.

Soul has always existed.

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