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Soul is anti-matter.

February 19, 2007

When a battery is charged, it is capable of assisting the production of great light. Think of your spirit as a battery, but the kind of battery that never gets weaker and only gets stronger with use. It is the opposite of what you know to be the truth about batteries, but your soul is a kind of anti-matter. It grows through challenge. It grows through illness. It grows through difficulty. It grows when used. You therefore have within your own abilities a capacity to charge and to recharge and to recharge.

Your life is comprised of all that is able to give strength to the soul. An individual who approaches life through the awareness of spirit is nourishing the soul every moment. The individual who is not aware of spirit provides the home for the spirit to develop on its own. The spirit therefore always grows, but the growth that is needed is much enhanced and is strengthened in its own ability to enhance other spirits.

You don’t live on an island. Your spirit does not exist in isolation. Your spirit is meant to mingle with other souls. You, as a result, are meant to interact with others in the course of your life. You must embrace the value of interaction, and you must embrace the value of self-respect, the value of the awareness of spirit and the value of using that awareness as the guiding strength in the wider world, regardless of how that world may be defined.

You are on a mission. Take up the challenges. Welcome them. Be engaged in prayer that focuses on spirit, and you will be directed in all ways toward the Spirit Center and the light of God.

Soul is anti-matter.
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