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Soul is eternal entity.

May 6, 2018

That which you experience in life leaves its imprint upon your soul. The soul is a reflection of all that you experience. All souls to begin with are equal. They are equal in their potential for love, but the experiences as the souls progress through spiritual life and earthly life penetrate the character of those souls and give them different personalities. It is for this reason that some souls are more advanced than others. It is a matter of experience, not one of potential. The potential for each soul is the same.

All souls are a part of God. They always have been a part of God. A soul is not born for it is an eternal entity. Your hands were not created at a different time from your feet. Both have different potentials. Both have different experiences, and both have different purposes. Each soul is given a separate route to travel. The pathways leading to God are many, and in the end, all will be united with God.

Your life is governed by your soul, and if all souls had the same function, human life would be of one essence. It would be of only one dimension. It would be totally limited and singly directed. The fact that one individual is active in one aspect of life that is totally different from the activity of another is due in part to the differences between souls. It is due to these differences that life in its manifestations is varied and colorful. Your soul governs your life. Although all souls began with the same potential, they travel different routes, and it is those different routes which provide the contrast of personality for each soul.

Soul is eternal entity.
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