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Soul is part of God.

January 20, 2019

Your responsibility in life is twofold: it is to reflect God’s love, but it is also to nurture that part of you which initiates that love, which initiates God’s warmth, God’s light. Both in the reflecting and in the initiating, you are reaching outward. You cannot reflect inward. Reflection always moves away.

Your actions, therefore, as they reflect God in your life, will always be directed outward when you initiate God’s influence in your life. You don’t merely initiate them within—they move you forward. They drive you to act, to respond. All of these are aimed outwards toward others. You respond in turn to the reaction of others, and your response is given meaning as you perceive the presence of God on the outside.

While God is a part of life, God is a part of all life—the life you experience within as it reaches outward, and the life outside of you which is absorbed by you within. That light is an outward light. It is an external light, but it is also a light within you. All are a part of that light. You not only respond to it, but you actually are a segment of it, and because of that, you cannot be wholly separated from it. Your soul is a part of God, and because of that, there is no way that God’s presence can be removed from wherever you are.

Soul is part of God.
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