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Soul takes flight.

June 17, 2018

God, who is your light and your spiritual strength, uplifts your soul and helps it to fly. The flight of your soul is worth your greater understanding. There are times in your life when you feel you could nearly fly—you feel uplifted, exhilarated, on an emotional high. Your soul exhibits a great vibrancy, and you feel this near euphoria where all that you encounter becomes positive. Things go right, your moods are positive and optimistic, and you find yourself looking forward and not concentrating on the inward journey. These are indeed moments when your soul takes flight, so to speak. Your human life is elevated by the energy emanating from your soul. The presence of your spiritual self becomes undeniable and permeates everything you experience. This energy colors the perception of all that takes place around you.

There are, of course, many times in your life when you are not aware of the flight of your soul. But that is because you become so preoccupied with all that is at hand that you lose sight of the beauty which expands above and beyond you. It may be hard to indeed accept, but it is a fact that the energy that you sense from your soul at certain times in your life is a constant energy. Your soul takes flight even when you are anchored to the floor.

When you are discouraged or sick or lonely, the spiritual essence of your being, your soul, flies ahead of you. Your soul becomes a source or potential for elevating your sense of life around you. It is not something you wait for; it is not something you merely hope for. It is there constantly. When you are not so preoccupied with what is close by, you are more capable of being aware of the vibrancy, the brilliance, of your soul.

Soul takes flight.
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