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Souls do not tire.

June 28, 2020

There are many who claim a sudden faith in God when all seems lost. God’s presence and immediate response is no less a fact for an individual who suddenly sees the need for God. But the way one handles grief or deals with adversity is in significant ways shaped by the kind of faith and commitment of purpose that have been formed at times of joy, prosperity, and affirmation.

Your spirit, your soul center, is never in need of refreshment or renewal, but your sense of connection to that presence is. A life constantly in turmoil, constantly experiencing suffering or being challenged, needs refreshment and cleansing, for in that refiner’s fire, in that cleansing experience, the individual becomes more effective in allowing the beacon of light within to radiate outward to the world beyond. It is the human condition to experience exhaustion, literally or figuratively. But it is never the fate of your soul.

Souls do not tire.
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