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Spirit like sponge during sleep.

October 22, 2017

You learn to love through the act of being loved. You learn to be open to another spirit through the experiencing of that openness. It is during times of sleep and dreaming that such experiences accumulate. You do not often remember your dreams. The ones you do remember are the ones in which you have more emotional attachment, but there are many more dreams that you are engaged in that do not have an emotional component, but rather the presence of energy that frees and creates balance and order, an energy that is open to the presence of other souls. It is during sleep that your spirit becomes much like a sponge that absorbs energy surrounding it.

When you pray for balance to be achieved in the life of another, much of the realization of that balance takes place when the other is asleep, for it is during such times that the spirit of the recipient is more fully open to the spirit of the giver. It is a known fact that those who are incapable, for one reason or another, of responding to outward stimuli are still receptive to those stimuli. When you speak to someone who is asleep, there is a part of what you say that enters the spirit of another. Expressing your presence as a loving presence is immediately felt by the spirit of the one who sleeps. For you, there is no evidence of recognition. There is no acknowledgment of your offerings, but do not doubt that the impact of what you say and what you feel and what you pray for are all a part of the exchange of spiritual strength.

Spirit like sponge during sleep.
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