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Stand against nonloving actions and attitudes.

June 4, 2023

You have a responsibility to stand up for what you currently perceive as all good, for what you perceive as all spirit. You have a responsibility to stand against the behaviors, actions, and attitudes of those who are opposed to what being loving really means. There is no sin in taking a stand today that may be very different from a stand you take sometime in the future as you measure that time. You can only stand for what you believe, but those beliefs must always be reflective of patience and forgiveness. Your stance must always reflect what it means to support and affirm an individual’s right to be present. The stance must affirm the validity of another’s spiritual presence.

You are not asked to support whatever another does. If what is done is clearly wrong, then you have every right to express those concerns. But in expressing those concerns, find ways of affirming the other in some way. That affirmation may not be one of approval. Rather, that affirmation may be an element that unifies you and the other individual. Expressing how you are unified helps give perspective to expressing and responding to differences that you feel are fundamental. Those differences are not “you are right and someone else is wrong.” The differences are “you experience an inner direction of spirit affirmation and another finds difficulty to relating to such a central truth.”

Stand against nonloving actions and attitudes.

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