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The heart feels love in transition.

April 2, 2023

The heart is connected to the spirit in ways beyond medical description, as love is received as well as given. It is important to understand what is meant by seeing with the heart or using the eyes of the heart, for we are speaking of the openness that you provide for the loving energy around you. Even when the brain is limited drastically in its ability to function normally, the heart still senses what it means to be loved. The heart still sees the expression of love offered by another.

You are fully aware of the issues often faced by those whose brains are no longer functioning fully, and yet you believe at some level there is an awareness of your presence. When you take the hand of one who is transitioning, the heart knows, the heart feels, and the heart is aware of the loving expression of unity. This is the sight of the heart.

The heart feels love in transition.

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