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The heart is the bridge to the soul.

May 26, 2024

The heart is the fundamental connection, the fundamental bridge, between your own consciousness and the reality of all that truly exists. The heart is a kind of channel. It channels energy. It provides energy. It receives energy. You understand the heart’s function as being in part electrical, but there is more to the function of the heart than the electrical impact upon the rest of the body. Centuries ago there was no awareness of electricity and thereby no awareness of the electrical capacity of the heart, but that lack of awareness did not change the reality of what was there. There is much more that comes from the heart than what human beings can observe through the most sophisticated of means. The heart, of course, is essential to life, but the heart is that bridge that helps you feel a meaning to life, a meaning to existence. The heart provides a way to interact with what is provided to you through your senses.

The heart is the bridge to the spirit, to the soul, but the energy that comes from the heart is similar to energy that comes from thoughts. Individuals have very different thoughts, and those thoughts can take forms that are felt as words, but the energy that comes from the heart binds you in ways beyond your vision to all that exists everywhere.

The heart is the bridge to the soul.

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