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The power of corporate prayer.

May 20, 2020

You are a part of the wonderful tapestry of life. In this tapestry there are many colors and shapes and scenes. Many emotions belong to the totality of this creation. You are not insignificant, because you are a part of something far greater than just your own lives and experiences. As in any tapestry, everything is connected. Everything relates to all that is contained within the unit.

Healing through prayer is enhanced as the number of those who pray is increased, but the reason for this increase is not related to your supplications to God. The more people pray to God does not in itself mean that God works harder on behalf of the one who is prayed for. Even one person praying for another has the power to fully open another to God’s healing presence.

Where then is the advantage of many joining together in prayer? The answer lies in an understanding of the energy dynamic that exists between people. You do affect others. That is because of the energy that your soul emits outward and upward as well as inward. A collection of souls as a group emits an enormous amount of energy.

Thoughts create energy. Thoughts when united in a common cause create an even larger wave of energy. When you are joined in loving thoughts of another, you are creating the energy of love. If one person issues loving thoughts, such energy is also created, and it is not insignificant, but praying or meditating together is so much more powerful in its ability to create these fields of energy. When many pray for peace, the possibilities of peace being found are multiplied many times. You need never feel that praying alone is any less helpful, for all prayer is beneficial. But it is true that this connection, this tapestry, is indeed an intertwining of spiritual energy.

The power of corporate prayer.
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