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The role of vulnerability and humility.

October 6, 2019

Only when there is love directed toward self as an acceptance of self can you most effectively redirect that love outward, for you must contain a measure of love in order to give a measure of love. That ultimate expression of love is love directed outward that is centered upon love that began within.

The presence of God is a force that all human beings can connect to. It does not take great skill and deep knowledge to find a direct, clear connection to God. It takes only humility and a willingness to be vulnerable, for it is in that humility and ability to be vulnerable that you are given the clearest vision of God’s presence. Vulnerability and humility serve together in the window that allows the Light to come in and radiance from within to be directed outward.

Some people are not ready to take that leap of vulnerability or humility, for they are motivated to think primarily of their own needs for affirmation, for strength, and the need to be in control. The effort at being strong and in control has the effect of tying one’s hands behind the back, making it ever so much more difficult to open the shutters of the window to allow the Light to enter.

The role of vulnerability and humility.
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