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The unity of souls.

October 14, 2018

The unity of spiritual creation is undeniable and universal. All souls who have experienced human lives in the past and souls who are experiencing human life in the present share the same presence with God. It is important for you to establish your awareness of presence. It is easy for human beings to be aware of their physical location, but when we speak of presence, we do not speak of physical location. There is really no such thing as a here versus a there anymore than there is a real distinction to be made between now and earlier or before or in the future. The idea of presence means that everything, everything is continuous. There is no separation. The only separation that exists is a physical separation of physical property.

Although you are aware of the spiritual life, you are not aware of the real implications of presence in the spirit. You may be separated by thousands of miles from someone you love, but that separation is a physical distancing. Spiritually, there is no distance, no separation, no here or there. There is only presence, existence, being—that’s the unity that is shared by all souls.

The unity of souls.
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