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The value of corporate prayer.

July 23, 2023

Regarding the strength of prayer and the presence of thought and how they relate to each other, in many ways they are the same. Where the difference becomes noticeable is when you share those thoughts with others. When you let your light be reflected through the presence of others, the combined reflection is greater energy. When ten people pray for an increased awareness of God’s presence within the greater society, there is more energy that brings that presence into reality than when only one prays alone, acts alone. You increase God’s effectiveness, you increase God’s energy, and you increase God’s light in your world in concert with others who share that light with you.

Many religions in the world are formed initially because of an understanding of corporate prayer, group prayer, group consciousness, or group intentional thought, and there is a truth to that. This is not a matter of numbers specifically. If ten people pray for one outcome, one kind of an awareness, and twenty people pray for a different outcome or different awareness, this is not a competition of who can belong to the biggest assembly of corporate prayer. It is only to say that God’s light, which is your light, is multiplied many times through the reflection of others.

The value of corporate prayer.

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