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There are no islands.

November 16, 2009

You are blessed, but so is everyone in the human plane. There are no blessings that are greater than others. There are merely different blessings. If you acknowledge that every human being, regardless of age, regardless of the amount of suffering, is blessed, then you will be closer to seeing the value of a commitment to all human beings.

Commit yourself to others.
Commit yourself to your own personal entity.
Commit yourself to the growth of your soul.
Commit yourself to understanding more profoundly “why life.”
Commit yourself to your own sense of self-worth.

It is easy to say you value another and yet feel yourself to be somewhat inferior. No human being is inferior. No human being is deserving of less love, less compassion, less understanding.

You must go through your daily life with the sense of unity, the sense of respect, the sense of the sameness that is part of each individual. There are no islands, for all islands are ultimately connected. Emphasize how you are connected, and pull your eyes away from the evidence pointing toward uniqueness. Avoid a sense that somehow you are less worthy or you are more worthy than another. All of you are worthy of each other. All of you can give to one another. All of you are capable of receiving from one another. It is in this reality that you are so deeply blessed by God.

Accept the light.
Accept the life.
Accept the love.
And transform all to becoming loving.

There are no islands.
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