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Thoughts have an impact.

November 21, 1986

Your thoughts have a large impact on others. When many are gathered together with positive thoughts, there results a positive influence in the world. When there are some who are gathered together with negative thoughts, there are negative influences in the world. Negative thoughts bring negative results; positive thoughts foster positive results. Prayers for peace, prayers for love, prayers of compassion and understanding and patience are positive. They also make a difference.

Positive thoughts emit very bright, very intense lighting. This lighting has many colors, and those colors change as the focus of those thoughts change. The brightness that is emitted is both reflected out in many directions and absorbed by souls within its reach. When light is absorbed by a soul it becomes a permanent part of that soul.

When negative thoughts are emitted, the light is more diffused. It is not really darker but more diffused. Being diffused, it has less intensity and as a result, a diminished influence on other souls. You cannot darken the soul of another, but you can inhibit its gathering in of light. A diffused light from darkened thoughts, negative thoughts, serves as a kind of shield which deflects incoming light from positive thoughts and therefore diminishes the soul's ability to become brighter. It does not darken the soul.

So thoughts do indeed carry widespread impact.

Thoughts have an impact.
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