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To spread love, spread equality.

January 7, 2024

Love is exercised between equals. It is not experienced between one on a pedestal and another beneath. Pedestals have no function in the exercise of love. You do not serve with love when you serve with a sense of superiority. You are not truly experiencing love when you feel you are inferior. For love to function in the human experience, it can only be manifest with equals, only among those who feel equally worthy, equally important, equally valued. For you to spread the impact of love in the world, you must spread the importance of equality.

The peace that you seek between nations, individuals, cultures, only comes together with equality. There is so much concern around the world about peace in the Middle East, peace in Ukraine, peace in Africa, peace in South America, peace in Asia, peace within your own nation, but these conflicts arise out of inequality. There is always a source of power that seems somehow to be dominating. No peace is achieved through domination. No friendship is developed through domination. No relationship of any kind between two individuals is fully loving in the presence of domination.

To spread love, spread equality.

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