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Transition to spirit life.

March 6, 2016

What happens in transition to a life of spirit is an overwhelming sense of peace, and that peace remains. It is not a momentary condition but is permanent. It is a peace of spirit, not a peace of human response. There is a kind of review, but this review that many speak about is not a trial. It is not a means of determining whether one makes the grade or not. It is a calm look at what has been gratefully learned. There is no negative ledger. There is no judgment that says one person has led a life of giving while another has devoted energies to taking. There is no judgment in that way, rather the review is an acknowledgment of growth. It is nothing more and nothing less, for you grow as you grow. It is not a race. It is not a competition. You evolve in spirit as you evolve in spirit. The life review is merely an acceptance of the growth that has taken place.

The review is not the Judgment Day that is so often referred to. It would be better to consider it an acknowledgment, not a judgment.

When you understand the lessons you’ve learned, you will also be aware of what still needs to be learned as you become ultimately totally love. Some souls then choose to return to a human energy form, and they grow in that way. Others decide it is not necessary, and they evolve in a different direction towards a different awareness. The decision is not difficult because the decision is made strictly through love, and it is clear. There is not a decisive point that causes anxiety or guilt or fear.

Your growth as souls follows a smooth path. Of course there are stones or boulders, but the path is not about the boulders. The path is about the certainty of growth. For some, the journey is quicker than others, but time is never an issue. Time is ultimately meaningless. So it makes no difference which direction a soul chooses, for that choice will always be what is best for that soul. The choice is a recognition. It is an affirmation. Above all, it is a loving act of the soul, and when the soul responds through love, there is no loss. There is nothing to be regretted.

Transition to spirit life.
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