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Trust accepts imperfection.

November 25, 2018

Human relationships that are strong are built on trust, and the trust is not so much a belief in perfection but in the acceptance of imperfection. That is true trust. You trust in a friend because you know they are imperfect, and you are imperfect, and you accept your friend without judgment. That friend becomes an extension of what in essence you are, and when you see that common essence, the trust is strong.

No human being is perfect. No one who is trusted by another is perfect. Building trust in another based on a belief in perfection is empty trust. Trust those who show their vulnerability, because they show what is common with all people. The trust we speak of is not a trust that implies whatever is done by another is always what is right. The trust we speak of is a positioning of another to be fully equal to you and to all others. Trust is a two-way relationship. You confer trust on another, because you recognize something in the other that you see in yourself. That is a trust that builds strength in relationships. It is not a trust that is subject to being dashed into pieces from the slightest cause.

Trust accepts imperfection.
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