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Understanding God is a nonverbal endeavor.

May 29, 2022

No one has been convinced of the meaning of God by way of argument, for that Spirit Center cannot be justified through normal, rational thought. You come to understand God through your experience, not from someone telling you God exists and you must believe. You hear that so frequently, and it is often expressed in similar terms with the best of intentions. When you are enthusiastic about your beliefs, it is natural to want to share them in order that others may experience that same joy, that same illumination. You must remember always the most powerful expression of God’s reality is by listening, and in listening, you also learn, for you learn something of what another is trying to say through the inadequacy of spoken language.

Understanding God is a nonverbal endeavor. It is through reflection, observation, and vulnerability that you receive God’s love through the actions, not the words, but the actions of others. You seek meaning in your life, but that meaning is found by how you live, not by what you say. You live through your experience, and as your vision expands, that experience deepens, and you become more sensitive to the love that is being offered by others.

Understanding God is a nonverbal endeavor.

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