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Universe based on creative arc of God energy.

January 23, 2022

Contrary to what is often stated in certain corners of science, the universe is not based on chaos. It is only the limitations of human understanding that present the unknowns as being chaotic. The universe is not based on chaos. It is based on the consequence of energies on the grandest and smallest of imaginable scale. That order, that antithesis of chaos, belongs to the creative arc that is God’s reality.

The universe is governed by relationships, and those relationships exist in the proximity of other influences. There is a kind of ordering principle. There is a logic, as you might describe it, that belongs to the fundamental layer that underpins all that exists.

The smallest leaf on a gigantic tree is nourished by the roots, and yet there is little sense of a visual connection between that individual leaf and what lies at the core of the functioning of a root system. Science has done well to clarify a fuller understanding of the flow of nutrients deep within the earth to that smallest of leaves. The distance may seem enormous, and yet that leaf is a natural outgrowth of the life-giving energies of the roots, and without those leaves, there would be no purpose to the roots.

Likewise, without your own existence, without the existence of your earth, your solar system, the current universe as you identify it, there is no reason to believe there is a purpose for anything. It is because of what has been created that the reality and importance and significance of the Creator becomes evident.

Universe based on creative arc of God energy.

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