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Universe is a single entity.

October 10, 1981

God’s light is a beam of energy which controls all matter, not just human life. It governs the heavens which are visible, and matter which is far beyond any human understanding. Science, in its search for truth, draws back the cloud of mystery which surrounds life. It seeks to reveal what lies just beyond your reach, but it is not clairvoyant. There is indeed a limit to what science can achieve. It is a finite goal. God determines what you may know. The expansive reality of all that is is so far beyond what humans can even dream of, let alone achieve in understanding.

There is a belief that the universe expands. It is true that the bodies which are visible through scientific means are expanding in distance away from your point of vision, but what lies beyond has no end, and therefore cannot expand. It is infinite. It is present, tangible. There is matter which has mass, there is energy, and there is life. It is not a life resembling human life, but it is a form of life which is a creation of God. God rules all; all is a part of God. The universe therefore is a single entity. It is all one. You are a part of that one.

Universe is a single entity.
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