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Vulnerability is central to growth.

October 4, 2015

It is not for you to achieve perfection but rather to acknowledge that the journey toward that perfection of spirit is the whole reason you are given human life. You live to grow. You live to journey upon that chosen path. You live to be loved so that you may become more loving. That is why you have human life. You cannot learn to be loving without being loved, and you are your most vulnerable in that quest when you are young enough to be ill-prepared to be loving. You are therefore vulnerable and receptive to being loved. You learn in that vulnerability. You learn when you are in a position of receiving the love of others, but then you are given opportunities for expressing that experience in your own relationships. Such expressions are sometimes fulfilled and sometimes not, but the vulnerability of being acted upon through love is strength-giving to your capability of reaching out with the love that you have been given.

Being vulnerable, therefore, is central to your growth. When you are hurting the most, you are acutely aware of that vulnerability, and it is in that awareness that you become more receptive to the love being offered. You should not, therefore, deny your being vulnerable. When you are busy speaking, you are less apt to listen. When you are busy doing, you are less apt to be receptive. Therefore, when you are forced to assume the position of being emotionally, spiritually vulnerable, accept those times as an important means of growing in your ability to be loving toward others.

Vulnerability is central to growth.
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