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Walls isolate you.

April 15, 2018

Too much energy is spent in human life categorizing differences, clearly defining those differences, establishing societies based on those differences, and establishing norms of behavior based on those differences. Imagine how your life would change if everything were geared toward your sense of equality of all. Many of those barriers would come down, for they would have no meaning. If you build a wall, then there are two sides. But if you perceive life to be unified, the wall has no meaning because you are walling out precisely what lies on your side of the barrier. You’re not walling out something totally different. This can sound very idealistic in a superficial manner, but taken seriously, it can be the foundation of a new way of perceiving your own life, a new way of working with others, a new way of establishing priorities of what is important in your life.

Two people will have two very different gifts, but those gifts have the same value. There is not one gift which is more important than another. The fact that all receive gifts of the spirit is evidence that all are equal. Do not go through your life assuming people are essentially different and that one must try to change others to be like oneself. Those differences are cosmetic, superficial, and not really essential.

Walls isolate you.
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