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Want peace? Choose love.

February 21, 2021

God is love, yes, but perhaps more significantly, God is experienced through love. That is more to the point, for it brings with it the assumption that the experiencing of God is a matter of the will. You experience God through love. Choose to express that love and to witness it. You might choose to ignore it, but your perception of God through love is a choice.

If you want peace, you must be challenged to choose love. You must be willing to work for it and with it and because of it. You work for love, you work with love, and you work in your lives because of love. Without that love, your work ultimately has no purpose. The work may be a vocation, it may be an attitude or a way of dealing with others, but it is the result of challenge, of being called or being asked to act through love.

Want peace? Choose love.
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