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What affects one affects all.

October 13, 2019

No human is more significant than another. When one individual insists on placing himself or herself above others, it is that individual who is indeed crying out to be loved and admired, crying out for affirmation or personal worth or dignity. That need may be felt by all, but some are more ready to express it than others. For all those who place themselves on pedestals, there are countless others with precisely the same needs, but those needs are unvoiced.

You must, therefore, accept the neediness of every human being, and in the same spirit, you must accept your own neediness. When you accept your own neediness, it is not in order to promote what you deserve, but it is a means of affirming that you and all others are together in the same entity, God. What affects one affects another. Indeed, what affects one affects all others.

What affects one affects all.
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