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What causes one to change.

July 5, 2020

You are particularly aware of the brutality that some are capable of inflicting upon others, and the temptation is to pray that God will intervene and stop the brutality. It is God’s power to enlighten the spirit of another, but it is your own power to eliminate the judgment of those who abuse others personally. You can judge their actions, but you cannot judge them. By becoming a better listener, by becoming more willing to understand how others may be motivated to do what they do and say what they say, such understanding gives witness to another presence, God.

Those who abuse the rights of others will not change because they are told they are wrong. They change when they become aware of what is right. They learn to love not by being told not to hate but by experiencing what love is. That reflection of love is a balance. It is a counterforce. It is an energy of its own that has incredible power. It is, then, the light that overcomes the darkness.

What causes one to change.
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