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When patience is a challenge.

May 27, 2018

There is no difference in the souls that are a part of the spiritual creation. Certainly there are some who have developed to a high level, and there are others who are still developing but at a lower level. But what differentiates these two are the levels of development, not the spiritual realities. You are each other’s brother and sister, mother, daughter, father, son. All of you are really family. You are family to those with whom you work. You are also family to those with whom you disagree. You are families with nations who have different objectives from yours. There is really no essential difference.

You may believe that it is easy to say such statements but quite another thing to live according to them, and you are right. But knowing the unity of presence, your relationships with others can be altered. Patience becomes a by-product because it is a part of love. When you love something that is a part of you, that shares a common ground with you, patience is less of an effort. Patience becomes a challenge when you are focused on the differences between people.

When patience is a challenge.
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