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Why countries are considered evil

September 3, 2023

There are few things which are unmistakably evil in all considerations. The obvious ones you know of—killing, torture—but there are also expressions which can be considered evil for some but would not be perceived as such for others. The question of good and evil therefore at times is subjective.

The force of evil is actually a function of the imperfect development of human beings. It is a force in that it directs a shape of life for many. Selfishness, a self-centeredness, can be a root of evil. When humans lose perspective of their interactions with others, the actions which are taken are frequently those which act against the benefit of others, and this is clearly wrong. If one nation has a set of priorities, of activities which shortsightedly are to its best interest, then frequently other parts of the world will suffer the consequences, and that one nation will be considered evil because it is perceived as a threat.

In your dealings with other people, it is essential that you develop a means of response which is nonthreatening and supportive. This can only be done in a spirit of love. When you deal with strangers, you may not know them personally, but you can love the divineness which is a part of them. When you recognize that divinity, the nature of your dealings will be changed.

Why countries are considered evil

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