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Without love life loses meaning.

February 27, 2022

Life is to be lived working with others, not opposed to others. Your relationships with others are more important than the development of yourselves in a vacuum. In a way it is the team effort, not the individual effort, that wins the day. It is the willingness to lighten the burden of another which gives meaning to your own life rather than the enhancement of your own ability to bear burdens alone.

This interdependence is not only a giving but a receiving. You must not only be willing to give help to others but be more accepting of the help offered by others. Two people working together are stronger than twice one person. The dynamic of interdependence far exceeds the potential of activity pursued independently.

As your souls are joined, one affecting the other, so must your perception of life be governed. This interdependence requires first of all love, for without love there is no trust, and without trust there is no cooperation. Without cooperation there is no growth, and without growth life loses meaning. It is your loving relationship with others which is crucial to your development as a human being and your growth as a spiritual entity. You must seek out opportunities where such loving relationships can be nurtured, where they can be confirmed and recognized and openly acknowledged. It is from such acknowledgment that confidence is gained allowing you to expand to ever wider circles your capacity to give and receive love.

Without love life loses meaning.

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