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World conflict traced to individuals in conflict with themselves.

May 7, 2023

If you want peace in the world, you must first make peace within yourself and next with your neighbor. You cannot achieve peace in your community if you are at war with yourself. Such peace within is achieved through prayer. It is achieved through that recognition of God of which we so often speak. That is the beginning step. When you feel at one with God, you may move outward to reflect with security that oneness to those around you.

You may wonder what a sense of inner peace has to do with world peace. Perhaps it is easier to understand when you recognize that world conflict eventually can be traced to individuals who are in conflict with themselves. The elimination of conflict and what it creates leads to world peace. The conflict from within is experienced as greed, jealousy, competition, anxiety, impatience, intolerance, both with others and most importantly with oneself. It is the restlessness from within which serves as the foundation for restlessness without, just as it is peace from within that serves to power peace from without.

World conflict traced to individuals in conflict with themselves.

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