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You are a container.

July 9, 2015

A question comes up about other life-forms that are with you on your journey. These life-forms are not human in their appearance even to us, but they are kinds of energies that resonate with the frequency that is God’s resonance toward creation. It is through these resonances that you are strengthened.

Think for a moment of the strings in a piano. The strings in a piano will vibrate. They will resonate because of the actions of other strings and combined together produce a sound of great strength and character. Think of human life as consisting of spiritual strings, energy strings, and those strings vibrate together. There is a kind of common resonance.

What sets these strings in motion? Sometimes it is an intentional act of your own. Sometimes it is the natural resonance that is part of your universe, all universes. The resonance is part of the natural life of many different kinds of energy, but these energy forms, these life-forms, while not being like humans, are an important source of strength in your own lives.

There are those who are more aware of those energies within, and there are people who are less aware, but the energies are there. You are not only the energy of your spirit. You are not only the energy of the body with which you are identified. But you are a container, so to speak, of many forms of energy which are strength-giving and that belong to what you know as love.

You sense this from time to time, for when you express love to another, sometimes that love is through compassion, through physical connection, through listening and being with one another, through actions that you take, through intuitions that you experience, insights that you sense about another, prayers that you offer on behalf of those you love, sustenance—whether food, medical, logistical, emotional. There are so many ways that you experience giving and receiving love.

All of those expressions of love have their own energy center. They have their own life force. You are not simply a life force with many expressions. You are many life forces with a unified goal of being loving.

You cannot single out where the spirit resides within the body or on the outside of the body, but you know that that spirit is real. It does not show up in a diagram from a medical textbook, but it is there. Likewise, these other life-forms that are their own kind of energy are forms that provide a deepened and broadened sense of what it means to be loving.

Human life is not just the physical body and the soul within, the soul being considered a single entity of some sort. You can think of the soul in broader terms, terms that describe many different wise and supporting strands of energy that work together and resonate together to produce a strong voice. Your life, therefore, is blessed with many forms of energy. You are not alone.

You are a container.
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