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You are a mirror of God.

February 12, 1984

When you relate to others, try to give them a sense of fulfillment, of a broadening, a deeper meaning, a sense of significance in life. Your responsibilities to others are in support, not in competition; in caring and not rejection; in giving, not taking; in listening and not speaking; in accepting and not rejecting. These are the ways that you touch another’s life in a way reflective of God’s presence. You are a mirror of God. You reflect God if you choose to. Your choice is serving through reflecting or simply ignoring. Touch the life of another through love, and you have enabled God to reach that person. You have opened the channel of communication between God and another. There is a meaningful interaction, and you should be ready to respond in that manner.

Be secure in your recognition that God is in your life. Accept the enormous potential that your life offers you to touch another, to give light to another. Everyone has needs. Those needs are not always spoken, but they are there, and if you listen, you will hear those needs, perhaps never uttered but expressed nevertheless. Be ready to touch another with God’s light. Spread God’s warmth. Be willing to listen. Be supportive. There is much that you can gain from one another.

You are a mirror of God.
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