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You are given life to love.

June 18, 2023

You were created in human form to live your human life, to strengthen your conviction in the value of another being. You learn that value through love, love being received, but most importantly love being given. It may be love for a spouse, children, parents, love for a perfect stranger, love of the beauty of life, but throughout human life one learns of the importance of recognizing all of life and reaffirming it. Those who do not learn to reaffirm reincarnate. It is a lesson that all must learn, and that lesson can only be learned in human form.

You are given life to love, to learn about love by receiving it and giving it. So often you recognize the importance of love only when you give it, for you see the benefit, the strength which is received. You see what is gained through compassion. Of course, you recognize the place of love in life when you are the recipient of love, but it is really in giving that its depth becomes physical. You live life to give, not to receive, but you must receive before you can give. The giving is the goal; the receiving is the means.

You are given life to love.

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