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You are hand of God.

August 19, 2018

You cannot tell someone that God exists. You cannot debate God’s presence. You cannot scientifically prove that God is always present. None of these efforts will affect an acceptance on the part of another, a deep and lasting acceptance.

To be convinced that God is present, one must see God not as some sort of human-like figure in a white robe as is so often portrayed. God’s presence is seen through the actions of another. God’s presence is made known only as you make it known, and therein lies the true potential for a world peace. You may feel insufficient to the task of affecting a broadly felt peace when you are one person, but God does not intend one person to bring peace to the world. God intends all people to move thusly.

You have a responsibility within the life that you lead toward those with whom you are in contact. That is where you serve. You serve your neighbor, and you serve colleagues. You serve all whom you see and pray for. That is the arena of peace that you can positively affect. It is you individually who bring about that peace. It is you who express love through your acts of compassion and moral strength and sensitivity and presence. It is you who are the hand of God. You have the power to change the tide of affairs. You can affect the world. You can affect relationships with one another. That is what God provides you the power to achieve.

You are hand of God.
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