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You can create love.

February 26, 2023

You emit your own light, and you reflect the light around you. Your life as a reflector of God may also be likened to the face of a clock which reflects the time after the crystals have been exposed to a bright light. The greater the exposure to the light, the stronger the light it emits.

You do not serve merely as a reflector of God; you also create that light. You do not just reflect the love of God; you also can create love. You do not just reflect the warmth of God; you have within you the potential for creating warmth. Just as the face of that clock has within it the crystals which can retain and emit light, you have an element which captures God’s light and is able to emit it as well. Your soul serves that function. As you care for your soul, you provide an additional strength, an additional potential for giving life to others through the emission of spiritual light.

You can create love.

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