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You can create new forms of energy.

April 7, 2024

All that you do, whenever you direct your spiritual energies toward others, increases God’s presence and creates in that increase new forms of energy. Those new forms of energy are knowing life-forms. The energy of love always knows the Creator, always knows the center of that love. If you consider love as the surface of a large sphere, all points on the surface ultimately directed downward actually share in the intention being focused on the very core of that sphere. There is a connection that is undeniable.

A knowing life-form is one that is aware of a greater creative force. That awareness may be described as a response to that creative force, not necessarily the capability of labeling the creative force as the Creator but responding to it. When we say that lives that are directed in such a way, with no recognition of God being valued lives, we state that because there is nothing at the core of your life that is pointed away from God.

You can create new forms of energy.

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