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You live to love.

February 7, 2021

So many in your world are starved for love. You think of the deprivation of food, but how often do you actively consider the deprivation of love? You are quick to contribute food for those who are hungry, but how quickly are you motivated to provide love to those who feel without? The lack of physical nourishment cannot be compared in any way to the severity of a lack of spiritual nourishment. Both are necessary for effective human lives. You cannot function without proper food. Such functioning may be merely physical, a kind of existence without perspective, but nevertheless a functioning. But when you proceed through your human lives and are spiritually starved, your lives lack perception, and such a life ultimately loses meaning. Therefore, it is the spiritual nourishment which provides each of you with a sense of purpose to living.

There are many who work for long hours each day and yet know not why they work. They know not why they live. It is a popular response to say that one lives to work or one works to live, but both responses are inadequate. Yet many in your world exist strictly with one or the other bias. You do not live to work and you do not work to live. You live to love. To love, you must live, for life gives meaning to love, and love provides meaning to life.

How many do you know who would respond to the question of “why life?” in such a manner? There are so many to whom this response would never occur. For those, life is being spiritually starved.

You live to love.
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