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Your place in creation cannot be diminished.

March 19, 2023

God’s relationship to you is firm. It is loving and all-embracing. It is nonjudgmental. There is indeed nothing that you can do or say or think that will in any way diminish your place in God’s creation. There is nothing that will distance you further from where you currently are. That should be both a comfort and a freeing concept, for when looked at carefully it means you could only grow in one direction. You could only evolve in one direction and that is toward God. You will never move away from God.

The most violent criminal imaginable does not move away from God. That individual may not reflect God’s presence but nevertheless will never be drawn further away. Even individuals who reject God openly, visibly, are in no way distancing themselves further from God. It may be that growth is more gradual, but it is certainly not an anti-growth; it is certainly not a pulling away.

Your place in creation cannot be diminished.

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