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All are becoming.

January 26, 2020

God speaks and speaks to all, but the impact of God’s presence is not the same for any two people. Everyone is on a unique individual path, and yet those paths intersect with others constantly and fluidly. There are no barriers; there are only differences in character. No path is right where another is wrong; all paths are appropriate.

All forms of thirst and hunger of spirit are appropriate. One doesn’t sit at the feast with less deserving thirst than the next person. All are thirsty and hungry. All are seeking and are on a path. For each person, that path leads to the ultimate goal of complete Love. You become, as it were, precisely what it is you seek.

Learning of love is but one step. Expressing love is but one step. Seek an understanding of what Love is, of what God is. The end is not understanding; the end is becoming. You do not live merely to understand God’s presence. You live as a process of becoming God’s presence. All whom you know or know of, regardless of their callings in life, are in the process of becoming. All people are not all that Love is, but each is engaged in the act of becoming. The path toward becoming Love is by its very nature different for everyone.

All are becoming.
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