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All began with singularity.

January 12, 2020

All life on earth, in fact all that exists begins with a spiritual singularity, and that singularity had no beginning. That singularity always has existed and is a Presence of creative energy, God as you may identify it.

That singularity is known by many names, and among many beliefs it is not even uttered as a name, because identifying that singularity is in fact a way of limiting its existence. When you identify anything with a name, you are in a sense saying that there is something that exists that is outside of that identity, and it’s the identity which singles out that entity from all else.

With the spiritual energy that you call God being the center point of all, you cannot define it. You cannot draw a line around it and say, “This is God,” because then you imply that something is not God. Accept the reality that you are a part of God. You belong to that reality, that creative, loving force, and therefore whether or not one acknowledges that reality, the reality itself does not change.

All began with singularity.
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