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Do not judge.

April 18, 2021

Avoid judgment. Why is that important? It is because in judging, one sets one’s own standards of what is right. Over the centuries, the standards of rightness have changed. Consider for a moment how the issues of justice are played out. If one society’s sense of justice is markedly different from another, judgment can ensue. Your sense of justice may not be the same as your appraisal of it years ago. Your sense of justice is different from your society’s view of what was just hundreds of years earlier. The concept of justice evolves.

How does one judge another when the perception of what is just is changeable? You cannot judge. When you seek resolution to relationships, when you seek resolution to concerns about the future, it is important that you not place a firm burden of an inflexible determination on what is right, best, just, or what is clearly wrong. You have experienced times when the opinions that you held so close were changed. They were expanded or moved in different directions, and you began to find a resolution that brought some peace.

Do not judge.
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