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Healer through spirit.

April 19, 2020

For healing to be effective, whether it is the healing of emotions, the body, or spirit, it can only be achieved through your own openness to that healing. Praying on behalf of another is not a supplication that God must be called in to help. It is merely an awareness that there is need for real openness and receptivity. It is an awareness that the shutters may be thrown open and light will come in. There are those who are referred to as “faith healers.” God works through many in ways that are appropriate for each.

You can be a healer through faith. Some experience healing through their own faith. For others, the healing occurs because of what they do, what they say, what they think. All individuals have within them a capacity to be a healer through spirit. For some, the healing that is created is visible to others. For others, such healing is never clearly seen, but it is still present. The simple act of praying on behalf of another in itself heals. That healing may be physical. That healing may be a kind of balance that is achieved. It may be a sense of peace, a sense of acceptance. It may simply be a feeling of being loved, of being valued. That healing takes on many forms. Because of the multi-character of healing, you can know that you are a healer.

There are opportunities when you may observe such healing and say, “How is this possible?” Rather than question how or why, be willing to accept. That is not being naïve but being faithful, full of faith. If you can’t understand it, if you don’t fully comprehend the “how,” then open yourself to the reality of what is and accept what is.

Healer through spirit.
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