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Human life is an embrace.

September 1, 2019

Human life is a life of revelation. In its most significant act, human life is an opening, not a closing. It is not a defensive move of separation. Human life is an embrace. You can embrace yourself, your neighbor, and all of humanity. You can embrace all life on earth. You can embrace the energy that is the known universe and the concept that there are infinite different universes.

By embracing the reality of all that is, even when that reality is far beyond your comprehension, you are connected to this central energy of love. You are connecting through a vision of the heart, and by acknowledging that connectedness, there is no reason for rejection. You cannot reject what it is you are, and you actually are everything. You are a human being, but you also flourish because of the earth. Much of what comprises the earth and all that is on the earth exists in the stars that you see at night. There is a unity to all that must be acknowledged.

Human life is an embrace.
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