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Individual soul energies create tapestry of One.

October 17, 2021

Much as you try to walk in the path with another, you may accompany the journey, but you never become the path. You are your own path, and the path is yours. Your energy illuminates and gives meaning to the path that you are on, but that illumination of energy is yours and yours only. It is not an illumination that applies necessarily to others. Others are on their own paths. The energy that is theirs becomes their own illumination. You must, therefore, embrace the value of another.

Do not confuse what you see on the path of another through your own illumination as being a clear demonstration of the path that another may be following. Your light is for your path. Your light is your path, for you are not separated from the path you are on. You exist on your thread of energy. You exist on that strand. You give that strand its own magic. The strand provides you with your own magic.

The color of your strand of energy is intertwined with the colors of all other strands, and the tapestry that results is the Spirit Center. It is the totality of One. It is the trampoline upon which all of you ride. It is the web of energy that gives meaning to the totality of all life. Remove a thread and the tapestry is no longer a complete whole.

Individual soul energies create tapestry of One.
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